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Tape K-Active Elite - beige

490 грн.
  • Brand:  K-Active
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  • Product Code:  0129

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The tape is ideal for both aesthetic face taping and classic body taping. Thanks to its innovative adhesive base with the addition of Stratagel Plus, the tape is ideal for delicate facial skin, for babies, for the elderly and people prone to allergies. K-active Elite is specially formulated for sensitive skin. More and more people in the modern world suffer from increased skin sensitivity. But even in people with normal sensitivity at certain times (for example, after surgery, with lymphostasis, with chronic wounds, etc.), the "protective cover" requires a gentle and delicate touch. Nitto Denko has developed a new generation of adhesive, new technology. Gentle when removing the tape, but at the same time very strong and reliable. This is made possible thanks to a completely new adhesive technology that does not leave marks after removing the tape, does not contain latex, and reduces skin irritation to a minimum.