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Racket Li-ning Windstorm 500 Purple / pink

2,940 грн.
  • Brand:  Li-ning
  • Availability:  In Stock
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  • Product Code:  AYPM004-1

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Zalizko is the first official representative of the Victor and RSL brands in Ukraine! We work directly with Europe. Lowest prices and best deals on wholesale. Buy Racket Li-ning Windstorm 500 Purple / pink.

The racket weighs less than 80 grams, has moderate flexibility and medium balance, and is suitable for experienced versatile players. Technologies such as Windstorm and Aero-Beam System, it has good aerodynamics and maneuverability. The rim is made with DynamicOptimum Frame technology, which reduces unwanted vibration and increases the accuracy of your strikes. The use of nano-carbon fullerenes in the composition of carbon fiber in the racket allowed for maximum strength with low weight.