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VicFun 100 Set

1,004 грн.

Аdvanced features: Brand - Victor / Material - Aluminium / Color - Black / смотреть все
  • Brand:  VICTOR
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  • Product Code:  VicFun 100 Set
Аdvanced features
Brand Victor
Material Aluminium
Color Black

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The VICFUN speed badminton 100 set is the perfect beginner set for the fast racquet sport. Speed badminton is the attractive mix of badminton, tennis and squash – with swift rallies and spectacular manoeuvres. Due to the windproof shuttles it can be played anywhere anytime.

The kit includes: 2 rackets, 3 speeders (shuttlecocks) and a cover.


Length: 63 cm

Width: 24 cm

Weight: 250g

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