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Sneakers VICTOR P9310 O

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Sneakers VICTOR P9310 O
Sneakers VICTOR P9310 O
Sneakers VICTOR P9310 O
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Sneakers VICTOR P9310 O Sneakers VICTOR P9310 O Sneakers VICTOR P9310 O

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The Victor P9310 O is the successor to the P9300 series. Comfortable and resilient are the most important elements in this badminton sports shoe! This shoe is known for its 'thicker' sole, which makes the wearing experience super comfortable and can absorb a lot of shocks.

Victor has provided the shoe with a number of new technologies:

  1. 9 mm is the perfect ratio at the 'drop' (the height difference of the sole from the back to the front. With this difference the lateral movement becomes smoother and your footwork can be faster. Moreover, the shoe is wonderfully comfortable and offers a better fit. shock absorbing capacity.
  2. The latest E-TPU material:
    TPU provides elastic and durable responsiveness for long presses. In other models, E-TPU was first used only in the midsole and then the forefoot is equipped with ENERGYMAX 3.0. Now the Victor P9310 has been upgraded with a full sole with E-TPU. The larger contact area makes it more stable and comfortable to wear. The different materials on the outside and inside of the forefoots provide elasticity on the inside and lateral stability on the outside.
  3. Resilience has improved by 17%
    Inside the sole of the P9310 is a large carbon fiber plate on the second layer in the midsole. Initially, this material was only used for the midfoot, to support the arch and to provide torsional rigidity. The big improvement has been achieved by extending the carbon fiber plate up to the metatarsal bones. Now it not only offers torsional resistance to the midfoot, but it also absorbs a lot of power. As a result, the resilience has increased by 17%, because immediately after landing, you can use the absorbed energy to walk or jump again.