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Tennis balls (beach) Babolat

145 грн.
  • Brand:  Babolat
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Special beach tennis balls with 50% compression. There are 3 pieces in a can.

Beach tennis balls have 0.6 atmospheres of internal pressure. Such reduced pressure makes it possible to deliver powerful blows to the opponent's side at close range. On the other hand, this pressure allows the receiving side to repel the most powerful attacks. The International Tennis Federation (ITF) has defined a special standard for beach tennis balls.

Size: 6 to 6.86 centimeters. Weight: 36 to 46.9 grams. Direct deformation: 1.4 to 1.65 centimeters. Two color options are allowed: orange with yellow, or yellow with an orange mark. But in practice, they only play with balls that are orange and yellow.