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Hiking shampoo Travel Global Wash Hey Sport 100мл

213 грн.
  • Brand:  Hey Sport
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  • Product Code:  20830000

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HEY-Sport® GLOBAL WASH is a shampoo for skin and hair, as well as an effective cleaning agent for textiles and tableware in one bottle. With natural cleansing properties and mild cosmetic surfactants.


Tube 100 ml.


HEY-Sport® Global Wash is the solution to all problems on a long journey! It is extremely effective and can be used very economically. Its formula minimizes the space you need in your luggage and is therefore ideal for travel use.

All ingredients are made from renewable raw materials. As a result, Global Wash can be used anywhere - in natural conditions, including in cold and salt water. It degrades quickly and completely in the environment.

Does not contain dyes or synthetic flavors. Also, this product has been awarded the high dermatest® quality.

The convenient size of 100 ml can be taken on board in hand luggage, which makes it always available.