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Detergent for microfiber and fleece products Micro Wash Hey Sport 250мл

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HEY-Sport® MICRO WASH is a special detergent for microfibers and fleece. Cleans all types of fabrics without negatively affecting functionality and color. Reactivates the tissue structure to restore functionality to the tissue. Has an anti-static effect. Neutralizes odors thanks to its deodorizing effect.

Primaloft, Softshell, Elastane, Fleece


Bottle 250 ml. Designed for 17 washes.


Fabrics made from blended and synthetic materials, especially fleece and microfibers, are breathable and protect from the cold thanks to the special woven or knitted structure. It ensures the simultaneous removal of vapors from the inside to the surface and does not allow moisture from the outside to penetrate inside. In addition, some microfiber fabrics have a water-repellent topcoat.

Conventional laundry detergents, even those designed for "delicate" fibers, are not suitable for microfiber items. Even after an additional rinse, fabric softener and sediment residues remain between the fibers. This does not allow the unique properties of tissue respiration to be fully manifested. The HEY-Sport MICRO Wash has been specially developed for the washing and care of high quality sportswear. Suitable for washing materials such as: Schoeller, Softshell, Elastan, Fleece, Polartec, Primaloft, etc.

HEY-Sport MICRO Wash does not contain fabric softeners. After its use, there are no residues of active substances that can affect the functional characteristics of the material of thermal underwear. Special additives help to restore the original woven structure, which has been damaged, for example, due to prolonged wear. Since the properties of the top layer are also preserved, the item remains waterproof, windproof and breathable. In addition, HEY-Sport MICRO Wash helps preserve color brightness, has anti-static properties and makes thermal underwear soft and smooth. Thanks to its unique deodorant properties, the HEY-Sport MICRO Wash prevents the formation of unpleasant odors, and therefore your clothes stay fresh much longer than with conventional detergents, which is especially important for thermal underwear.

Care advice

 Avoid sudden changes in temperature while leaving. This is necessary in order to prevent a negative effect on the material to which the active structure of the fabric, restored during washing, can be exposed. Regular use of special impregnation restores the quality of protection against water and dirt to the products and preserves the special functions of the active structure.