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Detergent for washing down clothes Daunen Wash Hey Sport 250мл

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HEY-Sport® DOUNEN WASH is a special detergent for textiles with down. Washes textiles with down, preserves its functionality, makes it light and airy. Suitable for clothes, sleeping bags, pillows. Retains the original volume of down.


Bottle 250 ml. Designed for 13 washes.


 In the wild, goose and duck feathers effectively perform the function of protection from cold and heat and are characterized by high breathability: they absorb moisture from the surface of the body and evaporate it outside. This makes down the optimal temperature-regulating filler and insulating material for thermal clothing, sleeping bags, blanket and pillow fillings.


 Down is very sensitive to improper care. In the worst case, the feathers harden, clump and shrink. Most conventional care products destroy the natural lubricant and thus destroy the valuable properties of the material. We recommend using the HEY-Sport® DOWN WASH for washing and conditioning items with down fillings (jackets, coats, down sleeping bags, pillows, blankets, etc.). It keeps high quality down filled items in top shape while protecting important properties such as thermoregulation and breathability. The active substances, identical to natural ones, restore the natural lubrication of the feather during washing, and thus minimize the risk of lumping and hardening of the filler material. Thanks to the special formula of environmentally friendly active materials without fabric softener, HEY-Sport® DOWN WASH is suitable for both hand and machine wash.


 After using HEY-Sport® DOWN WASH, the quality of the down fill is improved by at least 10% (in accordance with the Quality Standards for Down fill issued by the International Bureau of Down and Feather (IDFL)).

Care advice

 Downy items must be dried in a tumble dryer. In order to fluff up the filler, place 2-3 tennis balls on the products. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for temperature and wash program. Most manufacturers of synthetic sleeping bags also recommend the use of down detergents.


 Please note that lumps can form in down fillings as a result of the use of conventional detergents, and as a result they lose their properties.

Product properties:

  • Eco-friendly cleansing and conditioning
  • Improves the quality of down fillings inimum by 10%
  • Designed to maintain the functional properties of down fillings
  • By restoring the natural lubrication of the feather, the brittleness of the down is avoided
  • Maintaining elasticity
  • Prevents lump formation
  • Dermatologically tested with excellent results.