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The Speed Badminton combines elements from different sports like badminton, squash and tennis. There is no net in between and no prescribed playground, so it can be executed on tennis courts, streets, beaches, fields or gyms. The court consists of two squares of 5.50 m length. They are fixed opposite to each other at a distance of 12.8 m.

The rackets are similar to the ones used in squash but are specially produced for Crossminton. They are 58–60 cm long, and the material and the strings are different. The ball is called speeder and is heavier than a conventional badminton shuttlecock meaning it can be used up to wind force 4. 

Victor Light badminton set (2 rackets + cover + ruffles)

1,299 грн.

Complete set - Badminton racket VICTOR ST-1680 ITJ - 2 pcs.Cover for rackets VICTOR Racket-bag BlackRuffles Victor Nylon Shuttle 1000 3 pcs. / Kind of sport - Badminton / Brand - VICTOR / Country Brand - Germany / Manufacturer country - China
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